45 things to look for when trying to find a good woman

So you’re looking for a good woman.. Great, but nowadays a good woman is hard to find. So here are 45 things to pay attention to when scouting for your special, perfect one..

Ask yourself:

1. Does she respect me?

2. Does she bring anything to the table other than her body?

3. Does she have something else going on in her personal life?

4. Does she understand that I won’t sacrifice my own interests and goals for her?

41 point checklist:

5. Fitness

6. Femininity

7. Friendliness/social skills

8. Frugality

9. Body count

10. Domestic skills

11. Virtuousness

12. Reliability

13. Family (plus for two married parents, minus for dysfunctional families)

14. Friends

15. Intelligence

16. Looks, fit and/or athletic

17. Alcohol and drug use

18. Children

19. College debt for a worthless degree

20. Dating habits

21. Debt?

22. Does she have a decent job or source of income she created herself?

23. Does she have her own life outside mine; friends, interests, hobbies

24. Does she undervalue me?

25. Friendliness/social skills

26. Makeup Vanity

27. Money management

28. Number of Marriages

29. Personality Qualities

30. Pets

31. Retirement Security

32. Tangible Assets

33. Homemaker/childbearing skills

34. How they vote

35. Feminist or not

36. Health and fitness

37. Common interest

38. Debt and assets

39. Intelligence and personality

40. No pets

41. Is not in the country illegally

42. Has some fashion sense and manners

43. Has some cooking skills (beyond the microwave)

44. Has some domestic skills (colors and whites washed separately, can sew a button on)

45. Is not covered in tattoos or pierced like a pin cushion

So when you ask her, “Hey! What do you bring to the table?” If she says:

“I will cook and clean and meet you with open arms.. When you want me to shut up, I will.. I will help both of us reach the goal, and if the ship is going to sink, I’ll be with you to the end!”

If you ever hear a woman say those words either through vocals and/or through action, you bet as much as hell or high water that you want her!

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