[Video] No fat chicks @ Hooters!

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There’s a saying about opinions and backsides but you probably already know that one!!

People let their opinions fly like razor sharp knives so allow me to take this opportunity to do the same..

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About Annaxenne

Welcome to ‘A Clique For Men’! Linktr.ee/ACliqueForMen

Are you a man?.. Seriously, are you a man?..

If you answered ‘yes’ then you and Annaxenne were made for each other because Annaxenne is for the modern man..

If you’re a man who can appreciate the finer things in life as well as the spicier things, you’ll find something in Annaxenne to appeal to your inner (and outer) machismo..

We cherish the written word with breezy mental nourishment that leaves you full without filling you up and honest answers to issues that concern today’s man in today’s fast-paced world..

Annaxenne is literary features that are entertaining and enjoyable. You won’t find articles and off-beat tricks for picking up women. You’re a man of value so we assume that you know how to get laid. You will find honest information about sex, dating and relationships served up hearty and fresh with maybe will a little hint of sarcasm. In other words, a man’s way..

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Annaxenne is pretty girls and beautiful women. Real women, Annaxenne doesn’t promote a fantasy. The pictorials that we present don’t feature surgically enhanced supermodels that have been plucked, buffed and tweezed to inhuman perfection. They’re the women that you see walking down the street, driving in traffic and hanging out at the local bar or shopping mall. In other words, women that you can actually approach..

Annaxenne is humor that takes the edge off of the world’s impurities and makes you laugh about life’s ups and downs..

Annaxenne is good spirits, whether you mix cocktails in your penthouse or chug beer in your apartment..

Annaxenne is style, whether you’re a white-collar in a suit or a blue collar in blue jeans and sneakers..

Annaxenne is music.. Whether you’re an aficionado of classical rhapsodies or classic rock, or you bump to the beat of the latest remix or shred to the sounds of Skrillex.

Annaxenne is cultural enrichment. And that’s whether you live for the jazz club and the symphony or you dunk quarters in the jukebox of your neighborhood dive bar..

To sum it up, Annaxenne is real entertainment for real men. Free spirited men and free agents who believe in living life to the fullest.

So if you’ve been looking for the perfect wingman ‘X’ marks the spot.

Welcome to the world of Annaxenne.. Welcome to ‘A Clique For Men.’

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Welcome to Annaxenne
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Welcome to ‘A Clique For Men’! Linktr.ee/ACliqueForMen

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