Why Annaxenne?

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The 50s – The last decade of the nuclear family.

The 60s – Youth revolts, free love, death of the family.

The 70s – Divorce parties, explosion of the welfare state.

The 80s – The Elites loading up the gun and preparing the official branding of “Political Correctness.”

The 90s – The official coming out of Political Correctness, the takeover of schools, the workplace, the news media , etc..

The 2000’s – Global wars based on oppressive religions.

The 2010s – The Obama era, normalizing everything. Everything based on feelings & emotions (a.k.a. feminism).

All along the way Men have turned on the sports ball or whatever the distraction was.. We tuned out, fell in line,  caved in, gave in and all around gave up.. Etc..

So while the evils of feminism and political correctness are well documented.. It totally misses the failures of us Men..

We Men gave up..


Welcome to ‘A Clique For Men’! 

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