A Clique For Men
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A Clique For Men is a Network Society created exclusively for men.

Network Societies are a new social order that’s decentralized and disestablished. And it’s one that the legacy media and entertainment companies cannot compete with any more.

This is why the future of news and entertainment is independent content creators (like ‘The Man About Town‘) who are able to communicate their own perspectives on what we can all see and hear via the Network Society. In the old days, Mass Societies related us to each other via massive urban centers like NYC and LA. In this brave new day that we’re living in Network Societies relate us to each other via the internet. In a mass society the media controls what you see and what you hear, but in a Network Society we can bypass the legacy media in a way that’s similar to how we use email, texting and instant messaging to bypass the old post office. And as the ratings crash for legacy establishments like CNN has shown us all, the Network Society is no longer a group of little brush fires here and there that big media and entertainment can stamp out. It’s now blazing all over the world and there’s nothing that big media and entertainment can do about it. With all of that said, let’s talk about ‘A Clique For Men’.. There are (4) main parts which I call the ‘core four’:
    Partyclique.com (the first Clique concept company)

    Annaxenne.com (formerly PartycliqueChick.com)

    BustedCulture.com (formerly HootersCulture.com)

    AmNight.com (marketed as Strip Club Night)
You can access the entire Clique For Men network via our Linktree link. Linktr.ee/ACliqueForMen Partyclique is based on nightlife, events, travel and entertainment. The catchphrase for Partyclique is to “Live for the nights that you won’t remember with the friends that you’ll never forget.” Annaxenne is akin to Playboy and Maxim albeit much, much wilder. Busted! Culture is pop culture served up with humor, sarcasm and sex appeal. And AmNight (which is marketed as Strip Club Night) is a guy’s (wild) night out! And then there’s UnoClique. Our very own social network. UnoClique is not just another Facebook or Twitter knock-off. It’s a completely new concept in social media and is exclusive to our network. It will launch sometime in 2024 and it’s gonna be HUGE! Catchphrases of ‘A Clique For Men’ are “Be part of it” and “Where a man can be a man.” The over arcing theme of ‘A Clique For Men’ and/or the entire ‘Clique Experience‘ is to: Party like a rock star. (Embrace quality entertainment. Whatever that is for you) Play like an all star. (Self improvement and wellness. Be the best version of yourself that you can be) Live like a movie star. (Lifestyle optimization. Living a life of abundance) Sex like a porn star. (Having good sex. Quality is the objective here , not quantity) The most important thing that you should know is that ‘A Clique For Men’ is a journey and not a destination. And by being a part of it you’re telling the world that you’re a Man of Value. But at the same time, being a man of value isn’t entirely about how much money you make (or don’t make). You can be making minimum wage and still be a Man of Value. Being a Man Of Value is the total package. It’s stature, maturity and virility (S.M.V.) among other things. It’s knowledge, wisdom, experience and ambition. It’s health and overall well being. It’s about being cultured and respected and above all, being the best man that you can be for yourself, and nobody else. Not that we advocate revenge, but the best way to get back at someone that wronged you in the past is to let them see you at your best. Being your best.. Dominating life to the fullest and enjoying it to the max! It’s getting harder and harder on men as feminism (along with overreaching governments and bureaucracies) have pushed their way into pretty much every aspect of our lives. Learn the lessons from Andrew Tate. Wherever feminism has reared its head is now conquered territory in the war against misandry. What you get out of ‘A Clique For Men’ will be different from what another person gets out of it. How does the saying go, “different strokes for different folks.” But the one thing that we should all have in common is the desire to be the best versions of ourselves possible. It’s one reason why I call this the “Clique Experience.” It’s because I experienced everything that I present in this website to you and (either vicariously through me or preferably on your own) you can experience it too! Welcome to A Clique For Men. Your Man About Town Chain Reaction