[Beyond The Pervertible] Wetter is always better!

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Most men will tell you that a super wet blowjob feels the best. If you’re lady can produce large amounts of saliva on command, you’re in good shape, but hold on Casanova, that isn’t always easy.

Two easy ways that you’re cock gobbler can produce more saliva are:

Have your favorite lip server eat a piece of juicy fruit (such as a strawberry, a pineapple, or a peach) before she becomes your personal face Slurpee.

An easier, more reliable way to make a chewie super moist is to use some edible lube. Keep something handy in a drawer or somewhere close to your bed.

And while you’re at it (literally and figuratively speaking), this also means keeping some lube on hand in case you need it during the old in-out, in-out.

A Deepthroat Solution – Another quick way that your Linda Lovelace can produce a lot of saliva is to deepthroat you. Here’s why it works:

When your penis touches the back of her throat, her gag reflex is stimulated which causes her body to produce large amounts of saliva quickly. So what are you waiting for?.. It’s time for you and her to get down to business!

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